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Anabane Readers

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Readers meet for online discussions, and conduct "Close Readings" of two to three chapters from two or more translations per week. Sessions are augmented with small reading selections. For each session, a short audio recording from the Heirophant provides the intended focus for the week's discussion. Readers should expect to spend two to three hours per week with the material. Composition, music, and art are encouraged as additions to the reciprocal dialogue. We keep and share notes of our gatherings, and build on our work as we endeavour to return to the text. Privacy expectations are detailed in the Group Policy below. The Anabane Readers are part of the Katabane Project.

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Group Members consist of organizers ('Heirophants'), and readers ('Epopts'). Members are expected to adhere to this policy: privacy is expected of and by Anabane Group members; no ideas, art, words, or other material or conceptual contributions will be shared with non-members without consent; group member names or other real-life details will not be revealed to non-members without consent; members will support the Anabane Group in striving to remain obscure and to maintain a mature and welcoming environment.