Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Granada Television - Featuring Jeremy Brett

Observations and Sundry Disjecta Membra


Favorite Secondary Character Lines:

1. "Show them in, Khitmutgar, show them straight in to me! Your servant Ms. Morstan... your servant...mmm... C'come in, come in, come in, come in t'to my uh, my little sanctum... I, I , I trust you have hvvv, no objection to uh, uh... tobacco smoke? The balsamic odour, of Eastern tobacco, heh... eh, I am, uh... a little nervous... and I, I find my hookah to be, heh... an invaluable... ... ... ... ... sedatiffff..."
- Thaddeus Sholto in Sign of the Four @17:25, played by Raymond Lacey

2. "A cast of your skull sir, until the original becomes available... It is not my intention to be fulsome but I confess, I covet your skull!"
- Dr. Mortimer in The Hound of the Baskervilles @6:05, played by Alastair Duncan

3. "I'm afraid it is quite essential. Oh it's a little fancy of my wife's. Latest fancies my dear madam... latest fancies must be consulted."
- Jephro Rucastle in The Copper Beaches @13:00, played by Joss Ackland.

4. "Yes... yes! I'm sure... yes, yes... good morning!"
- Duncan Ross in The Red Headed League @17:20, played by Richard Wilson

5. "I didn't say so Mr. Holmes... I didn't say so! We all have our own little ways... you will go yours, and I will go mine that WAS... the agreement, a heh heh heh heh heh..."
- Inspector Baynes in Wisteria Lodge @34:10, played by Freddie Jones

6. "It might be useful to me as relics of my adventure but beyond that I... I can hardly see what use the... disjecta membra of my old acquaintance could possibly be to me ~ohnosirwithyourpermission I... I shall confine my attentions to the ~~EXCELLENT~~ bird which I...perceive upon your sideboard..."
- Henry Baker, in The Blue Carbuncle @26:20, played by Frank Middlemass

7. "As for Mr. Garcia that's easily answered his uh, he was found dead on Okshot Common this morning. His head, had been beaten to a pulp by a sandbag, or somesuch object... which uh, crushed... rather than wounded. Apparently, he'd been first shook down from behind, but his assailant went on beating him long after he was dead, it was a very... furious assault."
- Inspector Baynes, in Wisteria Lodge @19:50, played by Freddie Jones

8. "Have you something to trade? Tittle for tattle?"
- "You still owe me a favour, dear boy. Remember? I shant destroy the paper, until you've returned the compliment. Remember? Tittle for tattle? Look at you, I mean what's all the... oohh, of course - we are above the bourgeois epatant costume. The revels have begun - life is mystery enough without your pale conundrums."
- "Not me dear boy, not me! I withstand the blasts of time! Heh heh heh heh... Can't you see? Haa haa haa haa haa..."
- Langdale Pike in The Three Gables @18:40 and 21:40, played by Peter Wyngarde.

9. "Vodka... I see! Everyday?"
- Dr. Percy Trevelyan in The Resident Patient @20:40, played by Nicholas Clay

10. "I am a dangerous man... to fall afoul of."
- Dr. Grimesby Roylott in The Speckled Band @13:00, played by Jeremy Kemp.

11. "Faithful Heidegger? Whatsir?"
- Dr. Huxtable in The Priory School @21:06, played by Christopher Benjamin

12. "You must drop everything Sherlock... nevermind your usual petty puzzles of the police court, this is a real international crisis that you have to solve!"
- Mycroft Holmes in The Bruce Partington Plans @8:50, played by Charles Gray

13. Emily Garideb: "Ancient blood courses through our veins!"
Watson: "I'm relieved to hear it."
- In The Mazarin Stone @3:10, played by Barbara Hicks and Edward Hardwicke

Favorite Holmes Lines:

1. Holmes: "It saved me from ennui. You know sometimes I think my whole life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence"
Watson: "No no, you are a benefactor of the race, Holmes."
Holmes: "Well maybe it is of some little use after all. 'l'homme c'est rien -- l'oeuvre c'est tout', as Gustav Flaubert wrote to George Sand".
("The man is nothing, the work is everything")
- The Red Headed League @49:25

2. "My Mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems... give me work... give me the most abstruse cryptogram, the most intricate analysis, and I'm in my proper atmosphere. Then I can dispense with artificial stimulants. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave mental exaltation. That is why I have chosen my own profession, or rather - created it. For I am the only one in the world... you have made the wrong diagnosis, Doctor. I have my stimulant... here."
- A Scandal in Bohemia @5:20

2. Watson: "What are you going to do?" Holmes: "To Smoke... It is quite a three-pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for 50 minutes."
- The Red Headed League @23:10

3. "And the note is written by a German... you see... 'this account of you we have from all quarters received'... only a German is so uncurteous to his verbs."
- A Scandal in Bohemia @8:40

4. "Watson! This is no time for Humbugs!"
- The Six Napoleans @36:35

5. "Your advice is very excellent, Ms. Harrison!"
- The Naval Treaty @26:40

6. "Watson, do you mind if I smoke a cigarette in your consulting room?"
- The Empty House @16:20

7. "That the man is highly intellectual is of course obvious. And also that he was very well to do within the past three years although now he has fallen upon evil days. He had foresight, but less now than formerly, pointing to a moral retrogression, which when taken with the decline in his fortunes, seems to indicate an evil influence... probably, drink. This may account also for the fact that his wife has ceased to love him. He has however retained some degree of self respect, ahhh he leads a sedentary life. He's out of training entirely, he is middle aged, has grizled hair, which he has had cut within the last few days, and which he annoints with lime cream. It is also highly improbable that he has uh, gas, laid on in his house."
- The Blue Carbuncle @16:50

8. "And yet the motives of women are so inscrutable , I mean how can you BUILD on such a quicksand? Their most trivial actions may mean volumes, or their most extrodinary conduct may depend upon a hairpin or a curling-tongs."
- The Second Stain @18:00

9. "Written in pencil, on the fine leaf of a book, octavo size, no watermark... posted in graves-hand by a man with a dirty thumb, this is not your husband's writing, but the note is. Whoever... gummed down the envelope, had unless I am very much in error, been chewing tobacco... This is a triffle, of course, Watson ... but there's nothing so important as triffles"
- The Man with the Twisted Lip @26:15

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Favorite Moments in the Series:

1. "There is an 'rrrrr' in the month, and the Diogenes Club has the most excellent oysters. I should like both you gentlemen to be my guests. Come along, Sherlock!"
- Mycroft Holmes in The Bruce Partington Plans @51:00
- Note Mycroft's dancing hand as he starts this line.

2. Holmes: "But now, Doctor... our work is Done! It is we had some play. Sarasarti is playing at the St. James' Hall this afternoon." Watson: "A sandwich and cup of coffee?" Holmes: "And then off to violin land, where all is sweetness, delicacy, and harmony." Watson: "And no red headed clients to vex us with their connundrums!"
All the afternoon he sat in the stalls, rapt in the most perfect happiness, while his gently smiling face, and his languid, dreamy eyes, were as unlike those of Holmes the sleuthhound, as it was possible to conceive. When I saw him, so enrapt in music, I felt that an evil time might be coming upon those whom he had set himself to hunt down.
- The Red Headed League @26:20

3. "What a lovely thing... a rose is. There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary... in religion. It can be built up as an exact science by the reasoner. Our highest assurance of the goodness of Providence seems to me to rest within the flowers. It is only goodness which gives extras. And so I say again, we have much to hope... from the flowers." ... Ms. Henderson: "Do you see any prospect of solving this mystery Mr. Holmes?"... Holmes: "Mystery?" - The Naval Treaty @24:19

4. Count Sylvius: "Please uh, if you wish. Be careful, it's a hair trigger. They uh, were a gift... from the Princess of Wales". Mycroft: "Such balance... such workmanship. A beautiful thing, fit strangely in the wrong hand."
- Count Sylvius in The Mazarin Stone @15:35, played by Jon Finch.

5. Moriarty: "This is a duel between you and me, Mr. Holmes. You hope to place me in the dock... you hope to beat me. If you are clever enough to bring destruction on me, I shall do as much for you." Holmes: "You have paid me several compliments MISTER Moriarty, let me pay you one in return when I say that if I were assured of the former eventuality I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept the latter." Moriarty: "I can promise you the one... but not the other!"
- Holmes and Moriarty, in The Final Problem @23:30, played by Eric Porter.

6. "...his own wife... she was probably screaming at him, being French..."
- Inspector Lestrade in The Second Stain @28:00, played by Colin Jeavons.

Favorite Secondary Characters:

1. Thaddeus Sholto, in The Sign of the Four
2. Mycroft Holmes
3. Langdale Pike, in The Three Gables
4. Henry Wood, in The Crooked Man
5. Professor Moriarty

Favorite Episodes:

1. The Final Problem
2. The Man with the Twisted Lip
3. The Sign of the Four
4. The Bruce Partington Plans
5. The Red Headed League
6. The Second Stain
7. The Crooked Man



Favorite Secondary Character Lines:

1. "Mr. Scott Eccles, we've been following you about all the morning, heh!"
- Inspector Baynes, in Wisteria Lodge @14:05, played by Freddie Jones

2. "Tobacco and my work. That's all there is left of me. Tobacco, and my work. And now? ...Only tobacco."
- Professor Coram in The Golden Prince Nez @22:15, played by Frank Finlay

3. "Nature doesn't give a damn for any of us."
- Isadora Klein in The Three Gables @46:16, played by Claudine Auger

Favorite Holmes Lines:

1. "Who knows, I may at least find Herr Heidegger's BICYCLE if nothing else."
- The Priory School @15:25

2."Watson, go to 3 Pinchen Lane, London, and ask for Toby. I'd rather have Toby's help than that of the whole detective force of London."
- The Sign of Four @45:50

3. "I think not. I fancy Chiswick... as the address most likely to find him."
- The Six Napoleans @32:23

4. "Three days without food and water is one thing, but to be without tobacco I have found most irksome."
- The Dying Detective @46:50

Favorite Moments in the Series:

1. Holmes and Watson at the barber shope
"Now, you have been sitting there, frowning, eyes tightly closed, grrrinding your teeth, and all the time your fingers have been drumming like pistons on the arm of that chair...So, given all this evidence, even I cannot fail to deduce, that you have quarreled with our good housekeeper, and sought refuge in the sanity of the barber shop."
- The Resident Patient @3:44

Favorite Secondary Characters:

1. Mrs. Hudson
2. Mycroft Holmes
3. Inspector Baynes
4. Jephro Rucastle
5. Thaddeus Sholto
6. Inspector Lestrade
7. Duncan Ross aka William Morris
8. Henry Baker
9. Isadora Kline

Favorite Episodes:

1. The Blue Carbuncle


Further Observations

Notable Music, in no particular order:

1. The flute solo at the end of The Bruce Partington Plans! Note the one off-note near the end.

2. The Debussey selection "Beau Soir" in The Master Blackmailer @10:00, composed when Debussey was 15 years old.

3. Gower's key-shifting dreamyland composition in The Three Gables @ 39:25, 46:08, 46:45

4. Variations on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in The Blue Carbuncle

5. Holmes singing Lasso's "Quemadmodum Desiderat" motet at the beginning of The Bruce Partington Plans

Notable Expressions, and vocal musicalities, in no particular order:

1. "This is not a trivial matter, Mr. Holmes.... If there was meaning in that remark, Mr. Holmes, I'm afraid it escaped me."
- Duke of Holdernesse in The Priory School @15:30, played by Alan Howard.
- Of note is the intonation of "Mr. Holmes".

2. "Amateurs. Ain't done no time. Don't know nothin'. C'mon girl."
- The Illustrious Client @22:50

3. "Mind you call it Baskerville Arms."
- The Hound of the Baskervilles @31:50
- This seems too specifically British of a thing for a person who has spent their entire life in America to say, no?

4. "Thank you, we'venotamomenttolose, comeJasperrr, comeWatsonnn."
- Shoscombe Old Place @23:25

5. The trance-inducing drone in the opium den sequence @7:40 in The Man with the Twisted Lip.

Sundry Notable Moments, in no particular order:

1. "How often have I said to you, when once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
- Holmes in The Sign of Four @37:33

2. "Come Watson... come. The game is afoot. Get your clothes and come."
- Abbey Grange @2:10

3. "Awwww... not your books, Mr. Baker."
- Landlord Windigate in The Blue Carbuncle @28:50, played by Don McCorkindale

Curious Placenames:

1. Okshot Common in Wisteria Lodge, the location where Aloysius Garcia's body was found.

2. Stoke Moran in The Speckled Band. An impoverished and heavily mortgaged estate where Dr. Grimesby Roylott and his step-daughter Helen Stoner reside.

3. Rotherhithe - district in south-east London.

Odd Phrases and Sundry Notes:

1. "Tut, tut... sweating, rank sweating."
- Jephro Rucastle in The Copper Beaches @9:35, played by Joss Ackland.

2. "A matter of the very deepest moment"
- A Scandal in Bohemia @7:10

3. "Fortification" used in reference to alcohol:
- Holmes: "Badly needed fortification for the task that lies ahead." in The Priory School @23:30
- Mr. Henry Baker: "And so, if you will set aside this impressive peace offering, I shall fortifiy myself for the fray with a large glass of whiskey, and a pint of your most excellent beer." in The Blue Carbuncle @29:10

4. The name "Catogan" in The Bruce Partington Plans.

5. "Capital" as an adjective
Norwood Builder @44:55; Solitary Cyclist @27:50; Copper Beaches@9:10 ============================================================
Best Mrs. Hudson Moments

1. "Once again, Mr. Sherlock Holmes is free to devote his life to examining those interesting little problems which the complex life of London so plentifully presents..."
- This stagey little moment, with Holmes on the settee on his knees, lends a hominess to 221B Baker St. and an essence of family to the Watson-Hudson-Holmes team. Even the violin indulges an urge to embellish nostolgically at the end of the concluding music.
- The Empty House, @48:45

2. Holmes: "Mrs. Hudson! How Dare you take my aspidistra!"
Mrs. Hudson: "I DO dare!"
- The Cardboard Box @6:00

Echo Cats

1. The Priory School @5:20, 28:30
2. The Illustrious Client @37:10
3. The Speckled Band @4:30

Holmes Being Mean to Watson, in no particular order:

1. "Incidentally I have glanced over your latest account of my work. Honestly I... cannot congratulate you upon it..."
- The Sign of the Four@3:00

2. "For me, the pleasure of having solved an interesting case almost singlehanded... and for you, no doubt, the pleasure... of writing it up, in your usual flourid and romantic style."
- The Sign of the Four@1:40:00

3. "You're only a general practitioner, with mediocre qualifications."
- The Dying Detective @37:55

4. "Oh now you really have done remarkably badly" - The Solitary Cyclist @25:18

Holmes, Watson, Food
(in particular, in The Priory School)

1. "Well that means the two doctors can picnic away to their heart's content on the train! Even I may find my appetite is keener for a few days in the bracing atmosphere of the heath country."
- The Priory School @9:50

2. "Dinner soon, you'll be happy to hear"
- The Priory School @19:55

3. Watson: "We should report some lunch soon... Ahh, there's a... there's a Hostelry marked on the further edge of the moor... Holmes?... there's a Hostelry on the Chesterfield Road... yes if we uh, if we keep on this line we should come up to it... That's where I'm gonna try my luck... I'm hungry... Holmes..."
Holmes: "Lunch! Of cour... my dear fellow you must be Starving... now, observe that map, you will see that there is a Hostelry, about three miles in this direction... we'll need some food if we're going to face the Duke of Holdernesse later..."
- The Priory School @26:45


1. In The Blue Carbuncle @8:15, a filtered cigarette can be seen in the ashtray.

2. Boom in the shot in The Norwood Builder @ 21:55

3. Dr. Grimesby Roylott in The Speckled Band is played by Jeremy Kemp, who played Jean Luc Picard's brother Robert Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 402, "Family".

4. Thaddeus Sholto in The Sign of the Four is played by Ronald Lacey, who played Toht in Raiders of the Lost Arc.

5. Inspector Baynes in Wisteria Lodge is played by Freddie Jones, who played Bytes in David Lynch's Elephant Man.

6. Peter Wyngarde had his final TV role in The Three Gables as Langdale Pike, after a lengthy career. Mike Meyers credits Wyngarde as the inspiration behind the Austin Powers character.

7. At the end of The Priory School, the Duke of Holdernesse writes a check to Holmes for £12,000, over $2,000,000 in today's money.

8. In The Solitary Cyclist, Holmes pays for a half-pint with a sovereign, telling the bartender to keep the change. This would be like paying for a $5 beer with roughly two hundred dollars in today's money.

9. Anna Calder-Marshall, who plays Agnes Northcote (and Agnes' sister Helena) in The Eligible Bachelor, is married to actor David Burke (the early Doctor Watson).

10. Michael Cox, who produced most of the Sherlock Holmes Granada series, has a cameo as a zookeeper in his final episode, The Creeping Man @35:20).