Metaphysikos To Thaumatos

Metaphysics of Wonder - Kazis Kripaitis

Glossary and Principles

* * How to pronounce the title of this book, Metaphysikos To Thaumatos: Meta-Foo-Zee-Kose -- Taw -- Taw-Mah-Tose

* * How to pronounce the author's name, Kazis Kripaitis: Kah-Zees Krip-eye-tis

B) Neophyte’s Glossary

Actual: The thing-in-itself, the actual world, despite how we perceive it.

Epistemology: Theories of knowledge and the mechanics of truth and the real.

Ethics: Issues surrounding the question, “what should we do?” and “how should we live?”.

Existentialism: Of or relating to living existence and the purpose thereof.

Irrealism: Epistemic conviction that we can never have definite, factual knowledge about reality.

Logic: The reasoned mechanics of induction and deduction, bounded by the linearity of 2D time.

Metaethics: Epistemological axioms that inform morality.

Metaphysics: The study of reality beyond the scope of physics — for example, space and time.

Morality: The reasoning behind ethical conclusions.

Ontology: The study of what kind of things exist.

Realism: Epistemic conviction that the real world exists and factual knowledge about it is possible.

Reality: What we call the real world, based on what we perceive, despite what it actually is.

Reason: The assembly of logical argument by the cognitive intellect.

Self: Consciousness as defined by cognitive science, bound to ego by reason and to spirit by unreason.

Wonder: Knowledge from understanding not bound to reason, logic, or identity – cousin to intuition.

C) Five Cornerstones of the Metaphysikos To Thaumatos
1. Irrealist realism rooted in a realist existentialism.
2. Only subjects identify individual quantities.
3. Reason rests on axioms of wonder.
4. Consciousness is an illusory noun: if is-ness is doing, Self is spirit.
5. Compassion is a fundamental force of nature.

D) Principles
1. Principle of Entitation (ontology)
2. Principle of Adequacy (epistemology)
3. Principle of Compassion-Entanglement (ethics)

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