Metaphysikos To Thaumatos

Metaphysics of Wonder - Kazis Kripaitis

“Nostre propre et peculiere condition est autant ridicule que risible.”

“ein Licht auch für euch, ihr Verborgensten, Stärksten, Unerschstoneensten, Mitternächlichsten...” (1)

Table of Contents

A) Notes on how to Read and Re-Write this Book

B) Neophyte’s Glossary

C) Five Cornerstones of the Metaphysikos To Thaumatos

D) Principles

E) Approach and Method

F) Foreword

G) Physics

1) Ontology
a. Thesis
b. Definitions
c. Deduction
d. Axioms

2) Logic
a. Axiom Semiotes
b. Consistent Transfiguration
c. Being Doing
d. Temporary Individuals
e. Theory Precedes
f. Rational Chaos
g. Moving Point Divides the One
h. Mechanics of Belief

3) Metaethics
a. Thesis
b. Relatively Human, Morally Animal
c. Comparative Dentistry
d. Compassion Theories
e. The Broken Line of Alignment
f. Unrelated Note on Love and God
g. Mitleidsverstrickung
h. Conclusion
i. Summits

Appendix A: Translations and Commentaries on the Ontology

Appendix B: Key insights of the Metaphysikos To Thaumatos; Further Sundry Research; Individuation Matrix; Formulae of Modern Music; Analogue vs. Digital Waves



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